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Industrial Works

Mixed Media 2015/17

In this section you will find my new work created of glass and other media. 
It was while recently working on an outdoor mosaic glass sculpture project
that my interest in glass design inspired me to experiment with combining my
painting and digital skills with cut and broken glass, thus creating a different,
exciting new look of color and texture.  


At the same time I became interested specifically in abandoned steel and
glass factories, realizing the loss of jobs as these factories were left to decay
while many jobs were sent overseas. Being from Pennsylvania I understood the problems and hardships of the industrial working class. My goal is to depict the destruction of these industries of steel, glass and coal. It was while photographing the Bethlehem Steel Plant that I began to see the possibilities of being able to
create a a series of visual concepts of this once-great American industry's resurrection. Most of these images were inspired by Bethlehem Steel, Anchor
Glass, and Aeromarine Corporation (the latter two in NJ).

I am continuing with this new focus of glass and industrial art and develop new
ways to convey my message and inspiration. Click on the individual images
for the description, size and pricing.

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